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artist statement

I work with the body and with objects from “this” world, from my past, to suggest memories or dreams of another time and place. 

I work from my history and from looming questions which I cannot answer and which perhaps (probably) no one can. 

My process begins in my imagination, and I set about acquiring the materials needed to make these images and memories visible. I daydream on paper and sketch the image out. I try the image with bodies alone to see if I can Make A Dance and go even deeper into this thing – the body – than I can with all the elements. But for me nothing tops the convergence, the pleasure I feel and the satisfaction of being able to create with everything on hand. 

My own narrative is the starting point for my current work…questions about remembering, about the past and about my family…questions about relationships and events, and what of those linger with me even now. These questions also have to do with the future. What of this time will be taken with me into the future? What will remain if I am lucky to grow old? 

I move: I love the sensation, from the inside out, articulating with my body and propelling through space, being present right here, right now.

I imagine: an atmosphere, image, mood – and what it’s like to be there. I design and create—make possible, perceivable, tangible –– this space of my mind and memory.